Valve sticker for protecting fermented food


Get to know our special valve sticker developed by a label printing company in Japan.


Taste Keep Valve

Gas-releasing valve sticker for roasted coffee and fermented food

MDV-15 and MDV-15-125 valve stickers are used to discharge the gas released from fermented food.

These products help to minimize the contact with the air in products that speed up oxidation and degradation when contacting with the outside air. They can be stuck on film, aluminum deposited and seal products.

Mechanism of Valve Sticker

No ointment coating needed as it contains oil

Our valve sticker releases the gas accumulated in the package and prevents the outside air from entering the product by oil applied to the inside of the valve layer.

Product Type

Two types of valve sticker with different performance and price


Three-layer structure valve sticker.

This valve is effective when not contacted by other products. We offer at a reasonable price compared to three layers one.


Inexpensive two-layer structure valve sticker.

When sticking this valve on a product, the effect of the valve will not reduce even when contacted by other products.

MDV-15-125 with three-layer structure makes it possible to degassing without degrading the quality of the product that adheres to the valve. If the valve sticker on the package has too much pressure on it, the product’s performance may reduce.

Inspection Technology

The cutting edge inspection technology

We use image recognition AI and human eye for quality control in the final process to stabilize our customer productivity.


Product specification



Caution on use

Please stick the product on a smooth surface. Sticking to a surface with wrinkles or dirt may cause it not to function properly.

Do not store the product in places where it gets too hot or cold.

Storage for more than one year may lower the product's performance, so please use it early.


本商品に使われている基材は全て日本国内のものを使用しており、MSDS( 安全データシート)を提出させていただくことも可能です。